Thursday, April 14, 2005

Stupidest Auto Safety Campaign Ever

For this past year is...
drumroll...kinda late but finally checked it out...

You'll need flash to run it.

First, the Dude was totally perplexed by the commercial, expecting it to be a new type of SUV (and a damned hairy one). This was likely intended to draw-in the readers so that they would go to the site, however, I wonder what percentage actually do. For those who don't, the intent fails and they're not educated...of course, they're probably not educated anyway...

Second, the message promulgated (e.g., slowing down, not driving aggressively, etc.) will be a) nothing new to most folks, and b) not in any way in a format that will affect the readership/drivers of those automobiles. For example, what teenager or college sophomore will actually be swayed by something like that?! Something a hair's-breadth more cool than an after school special! And it's only cooler 'cause of the chewbacca-like hair..

Finally, who's the sponsor? and what likely lawsuit spurred this into existence? The ad states that it's brought to the public by the consumer protection agencies of all 50 states plus some of the territories, and the attorney general. Really?Would they really waste public $ on such things. Don't answer that...I would hope though that this is funded by or as a result of awards of suits brought on private parties. Perhaps, the makers of SUVs, tire manufacturers, etc...


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