Friday, March 11, 2005

Assessment of the field of play

Not the battle ground, the field of play. General theme for next week and, likely, the next coming weeks will be an assessment of the various philosophies/approaches to bioethics that are out there --conservative, liberal, socialist, etc., and, of course, since we’re including those damned labels, anyone from the readership is welcome to
  • a) come up with better ones (good luck); or
  • b) make a motion to move any ideology or organization or link I designate under one philosophy to another.

Then when we have these more or less grouped together (as best as possible), I feel that I can with more confidence and better understanding begin to apply various ethical philosophies/approaches (e.g. Rawls, Kant, Mill, Nagel, etc.) to these value systems. For my part, I’m assuming that there is no one and absolute right ontology out there that exists in some Platonic form, devoid of purpose. I’m starting to give some credence to the idea that the various value systems may find some common ground by using ethical approaches as a tool in order to establish some common purpose/consequence, without merely being capricious in their application. But, at this time, even that sentence is too huge and nebulous for me to understand its repercussions, much less commit to it.

Naturally, this will be somewhat of a time consuming undertaking as I will be as thorough as life and blogging allows, but worry not fellow dudes and dudettes, there will news and the usual reflections sprinkled in throughout : - )

p.s.: some appreciated comments of readers have disappeared for some reason, I will try to get them back...


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